Tributosaurus becomes WAR
1 Set - 8:30 – at Martyr's – 5/6/09

Me and Baby Brother
All Lead Vox – Extended Solos at End
All Day Music
MSpee Lead Vox, Acoustic Gtr
Tobacco Road
CNev Lead Vox
Get Down
Devin Lead Vox
Galaxy 2000
All Lead Vox
Magic Mountain
Mspee Lead Vox
City, Country, City
No Vox, Acoustic Guitar
CNev & MSpee Lead Vox
The Cisco Kid
MSpee & Paris Lead Vox
Slippin Into Darkness
Paris Lead Vox
Devin Lead Vox
Low Rider
CNev Lead Vox
Spill the Wine
MSpee Lead Vox, Flute
The World is a Ghetto
CNev Lead Vox
Why Can't We Be Friends?
All Lead Vox (Verse 4 sung from Trumpet Mic)
Mspee Lead Vox, Flute

Guests this show :
Devin Thompson - Vox
Paris Robinson - Vox
Steve Smith - Vox
Ingrid Graudins - Voiceovers

Kalyan Pathak - Percussion
Joe Rendon - Percussion
Derwin "Big D" Perkins- Gtr
Mike Cichowicz - Trumpet
Nic Meyer - Sax
Steve Eisen - Sax

..> ..>

What is it good for? -- Bringing the Funk!

Hot on the heels of them being nominated for induction into the 2009 Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame, we have decided to pay tribute to one of the great California Funk institutions - WAR! You may not realize it, but you know this band - Low Rider, Spill the Wine, Why Can't We Be Friends?, and Cisco Kid are only a few of the hits that gave this band 3 top ten albums!

The show will feature incredible grooves drawing influences from Funk, R&B, Latin, and Rock in a unique style that characterized California in the late 60s and early 70s - so bring your dancin' shoes! Not only that, but due to their lyrics, they are often called "The Bob Dylans of Funk" by fans of sarcasm everywhere! We have a great lineup of guests on this one - horns, multiple percussionists, singers, CMo on the Harp - and Matt Spiegel returns from being on assignment in LA and joins Tributo Chicago!

There will only be ONE SHOW (7:30) because this band lends itself to extended jamming, but we'll add in a specal bonus - we'll have a special set of "The Big 3" (that's Chris, Curt, and Matt) doing acoustic renditions of many of your favorites from shows past to open up the night. Should be a blast!

Spring has sprung - so come dancin'!


Tributosaurus becomes WAR!
1 SHOW ONLY - 7:30PM
Martyrs, 3855 N. Lincoln
You can buy tickets online, at www.MartyrsLive.com

We have an especially funky group of guests this month :

Derwin "Big D" Perkins (Jon Cleary, The Neville Brothers)
Devin Thompson (Chicago Cats, Steve Cole)
Paris Robinson (Paris Brightledge)
Steve Smith (The Pocket)
Kalyan Pathak (Drop QAretha Franklin)
Joe Rendon (Rico, Chevere)
Nic Meyer (The Pocket, Larry King)
Mike Cichowicz (Tower of Power, Rod Stewart)
Steve Eisen (Styx, Big Twist & the Mellow Fellows, The Superbowl Shuffle!)


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