Tributosaurus X #1 : Bruce Springsteen

 Tributosaurus Becomes Bruce Springsteen
8/3/11 at  Martyrs' - 2 Shows | 9/2/11 at Fitzgerald's

Blinded By The Light

MSpee Lead, Ac Gtr (Dag)

10th Avenue Freezeout
CNev Lead, Horns

Thunder Road

MSpee Lead, Harmonica, Horns, Strings

Ties That Bind

CMo Lead, Ac Gtr (CNev)

NYC Serenade

MSpee Lead, Strings, Ac Gtr (Cmo)

Growing Up

Dag Lead, Ac Gtrs (Dag, CMo)

Does This Bus Stop at 82nd St/Lost on the Flood

CNev Lead, Ac Gtr (Cmo)

My Hometown

MSpee Lead, Ac Gtrs (Cmo, Dag, GTye)

Candy’s Room

MSpee Lead, Bells

Born to Run

MSpee Lead, Ac Gtr (Dag) Horns, Strings, Bells

Atlantic City

CMo Lead, Ac Gtr (Cmo, GTye), Mandolin (CNev), Harmonica

I’m on Fire

Dag Lead

The Rising

MSpee Lead, Strings

For You

Cnev Lead, Ac Gtr (CMo)

The Fever

MSpee Lead


CNev Lead


MSpee Lead, Strings


CNev Lead, Ac Gtr (Dag), Horns

ENCORE - MSpee Lead, Ac Gtr (CMo)

Tributosaurus becomes Bruce Springsteen this Wednesday at Martyrs'

August is here, and with it, the 10th year of Tributosaurus. Thanks to all of our new Tributosaurus X subscribers - it's going to be one hell of a ride!

We start off our tenth year celebration with one of the biggest and best we've ever done - The Boss. Springsteen is famous for his live shows, and we will strive to deliver that energy and joy to the crowds at Martyrs' on August 3rd. We will be visiting the raw early E Street jams, and the more thoughtful introspective Bruce of later years, and everything in between. This is a show for the dyed-in-the-wool Springsteen acolyte, as well as the casual fan - all of what makes him an American Icon is here, and it all rocks.

This is a can't miss show to kick off a year of can't miss shows - the 7pm show is now sold out, but there are still some tickets for the 10pm show, so come and join us!


Tributosaurus becomes Bruce Springsteen
Wednesday, August 3rd - 2 SHOWS - 7PM (SOLD OUT) & 10PM
at Martyrs' - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago 60613
Tickets Available Online at


Tributosaurus becomes
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in Beverly

Last St. Patrick's Day, we went down to the Beverly Arts Center and found a new place to play on the South Side. On Thursday, August 19th we will reprise one of the must do's that did not make the regular Tributosaurus X calendar - CSNY.

This show features amazing harmonies, great grooves, and songs that willake everyone smile and sing along - it's one of our favorites to do, and we hope you'll join us in the Beverlay Arts Center's great theater setting. This is a family friendly show, so bring the whole clan!

Tributosaurus becomes CSNY
Thursday, August 19th - 7PM
at the Beverly Arts Center - 2407 W. 111th Street, Chicago, IL
Tickets Available Online :

Chicago Live! Appearance

On Thursday August 25th, we will be apering on Chicago Live!, shooting at the Chicago Theater - please come on out and support Tributosaurus as we join other Chicago notables on WGN!

More Info At :

We Become The Who at Skokie's Backlot Bash

Join us on Friday August 26th at skokie's Backlot Bash as we reprise our first show ever as The Who. This seminal rock band defined loud rock music and rebellious lyrics like no other, and in the process created some of the greatest songs ever. We will journey from their very early rock hits through their psychedelic phase and even into their later pop stardom to rock Skokie like never before!

The Backlot Bash has become an annual tradition for us, and we think it's the best fest going. There will be a lineup of other great acts throughout the weekend, and the usual array of food, rides, games, and general merriment that make this a must attend summer event - see you there!

Tributosaurus becomes The Who
at Skokie's Backlot Bash - Mainstage - 8PM
at the Corner of Lincoln and Oakton in Skokie
More info available at :

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