They Might Be Giants

Tributosaurus Becomes : TMBG – 10/6/10 at Martyrs'

CN/MS, Accordion, 2 Ac Gtr
The Statue Got Me High
MS, Acc, Horns
Climbing the Walls
CN, Sax
Don't Let's Start
Ana Ng
JF, Acc, Autoharp
I Should Be Allowed to Think
Boss of Me
CN/MS, Horns
D Is for Drums
The House at the Top of the Tree
I Palindrome I
JP, Sax
It's Kickin' In
Minimum Wage
Take Out the Trash
The Cap'm
Rhythm Section Want Ad
Siebs, Acc
Why Must I Be Sad?
What Is a Shooting Star?
Where Do They Make Balloons?
One Everything
I Am a Paleontologist
CN/JP, Violin & Cello
We Want a Rock
CN, Acc, Violin
No One Knows My Plan
JF, Horns
I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die
Dowd/CN , Acc

Your Racist Friend
CN/MS, Acc, Tpt
Birdhouse in Your Soul
CN, Violin
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
CN/MS, Acc, Tpt, Violin, Eddy Bass Vox
ENCORE = Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

Next Wednesday, Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul....

Creedence has past, and The Moodys are done....October is....


Our latest left turn brings us forward in time to a band that is famous for quirky songs, insightful and ironic lyrics, eclectic styles, and experimental production. From their early days playing in New York and sending their songs in to the Village Voice as "Dial-A-Song" to their current status as Alt Rock heroes, TV Theme masters, and Kid's Music superstars, They Might Be Giants continues to innovate with every release. Their songs are catchy, thought-provoking, and plentiful.

TMBG fans know that whatever period you pull from, there are tons of gems scattered across their 14 studio and 13 live albums, and we will draw from across their career to please even the most die-hard of the 2 Johns fans. We realize that many of our usual patrons will not be familiar with this music, but we encourage you to jump right in - there is something for everybody here. From gritty, to lilting, to bouncy, to downright strange, TMBG has done it all, and we will bring all of it to you. Our usual penchant for bringing in just the right mix of players will be tested here - will we need 2 Accordions and a Bass Clarinet? 3 guitars and a harmonium? Full horns and a gong? Electronic drums and a banjo? Straight up rock band? 
Could be any....or'll have to come and see.

Don't miss this one!

Tributosaurus Becomes THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS
at Martyrs' - Wednesday October 6th - 7PM & 10PM
3855 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
Tickets available at


Special Johnny Cash Redux This Saturday!

This past August, we took on country legend Johnny Cash, and many of you have asked when we'll do it again because you missed it. We understand - the end of the summer is a busy time. So, we called our good friends over at Fitzgerald's and set up this special encore performance of what became an instant Tributo classic show this Saturday, October 2nd at 9PM.

One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, he had a 49 year career that produced 96 albums and 153 singles. If that's not a Titan, we don't know what is. We'll be visiting all the many eras of his career, from the Sun sessions through the American Recordings. We all had so much fun that even our guests will be rejoining us - so you'll see Anna Fermin, Tracey Dear, Urban Djin and more.

It may be a while before we do this one again, so don't miss your chance!

Tributosaurus becomes JOHNNY CASH (REDUX)
Saturday, October 2nd - 9PM Show
at Fitzgerald's - 6615 Roosevelt Road - Berwyn
Tickets available at




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