The Neville Brothers/The Meters

Tributosaurus becomes The Neville Brothers/The Meters
February 5th & 6th at Martyr’s

Funky Miracle 
Cabbage Alley
CNev/Gerald Lead Vox
Brother Jake
Chris, Devin, Gerald, Marqueal Vox - VijayKeys
Marqueal Lead Vox
Hey Pocky A-Way
Gerald Lead Vox + Ensemble Vox – Horns +TUBA
Fire On The Bayou
Devin Lead Vox + Ensemble Vox
Junk Man
CNev Lead Vox + Ensemble Vox – Vijay on Hammond
Chicken Strut
CMo Lead + Ensemble Vox
Tippi Toes
Tell It Like It Is
Gerald Lead Vox - Horns
Yellow Moon
Marqueal Lead Vox
Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy
Devin/Chris Lead Vox + Ensemble Vox
(Doodle Loop) The World Is A Little Bit Under The Weather 
Gerald Lead vox + Ensemble Vox
Here Comes The Meter Man
Adam Gardner Bass
Sands Of Time
Adam Gardner Bass – Cnev Lead + Ensemble Vox - VijayKeys
People Say
Devin Lead Vox + Ensemble Vox – VijayKeys - Horns
Fly Like an Eagle
Gerald Lead Vox + Ensemble Vox - VijayKeys
Cissy Strut
Brother John/Iko Iko
CNev/Marqueal Lead Vox – VijayKeys - Horns + TUBA
Amazing Grace
Marqueal Lead Vox
One Love - People Get Ready – Sermon
All Vocalists - VijayKeys
ENCORE = Senses Wroking Overtime (XTC)

..> ..>

It's Mardis Gras time! Where y'at?

Mardis Gras Dinosaur!

I know where you want to be - with Tributosaurus! This Black History Month, we bring a taste of the Crescent City (that's N'Awlins to you) to Martyr's as we become the kings of New Orleans funk : The Neville Brothers and The Meters!

Things will be a little different this month ; the late show will be on FAT TUESDAY (Feb 5) at 9pm, and there will only be an early show on Wednesday, so make your plans and come ready to dance!

There will be beads! There will be funk! There will be sweat! There will be fun!

What's more, Papa Ray Quinn at Martyr's is cookin' up something special - there will be Jambalaya, Etoufee, and other favorites on the menu, so come early and stuff your belly so you have the strength to dance all night! That's right, people - we dare you NOT to dance to this music - can't be done!

Tributosaurus becomes The Neville Brothers/The Meters
Fat Tuesday, February 5th - 9:00pm
Wednesday, February 6th - 7:30pm (no late show!)
Martyrs, 3855 n Lincoln
You can buy tickets online, at

We have an especially funky group of guests this month :

Derwin "Big D" Perkins (Jon Cleary, The Neville Brothers)
Marqueal Jordan (Starcandy, The Marqueal Jordan Project)
Devin Thompson (Chicago Cats, Steve Cole)
Gerald McClendon (Gerald McClendon Group)
Kalyan Pathak (Farheed Haque, Drop Q)
Vijay Tellis (Kick the Cat, Band of Joes)
Adam Gardner (The Pocket, Dead Stock Audio)
Nic Meyer (The Pocket, Larry King)
Mike Cichowicz (Tower of Power, Rod Stewart)
Steve Eisen (Styx, Big Twist & the Mellow Fellows)

Laissez les bon Temps Roulez!


The class we did a couple months back on the Allman Brothers was such a success, that we thought we’d break out the yardsticks once again for a look at what makes the New Orleans funk and soul sound so interesting - with a special emphasis on The Neville Brothers and the Meters, of course!

We’ll spend some time breaking down some of the tunes, and we’ll go over some of the influences present in this music, as well as some of the history. We’ll also get into some of the rhythms and syncopations that are the trademark of this music. We’ll give you some handy tips and tricks for all the instruments that’ll help you incorporate a little N’Awlins flavor into your own musical cookbook as well.

Derwin "Big D" Perkins (The Monster Gentlemen, Neville Brothers, Aretha Franklin) will be joining us to add a little extra Cajun spice too! But this is not geared solely towards musicians - it is designed to give any music aficionado a deeper understanding of what’s going on behind the New Orleans sound, enabling a more fulfilling listening experience. We also receive a lot of requests from our fans who have kids to do events that are kid-friendly, and this one definitely is! So bring the young ’uns out!

Should be fun, and hey, you just might learn something!

Master Class Ticket Pricing :

Kids (12 and under) - $10
Adults Pre-Sale - $15
Adults Walk-up - $20

Tickets are available at

Class starts at 6:30pm and ends at 8pm
Thursday, February 7th
at Martyrs - don't miss it!


***Tributo Special Announcement***
Hey Tributo peeps, this is Dino, writing from the west.  How are you?  That's good…me too.  Game On -- it's time for the 2nd birth of the beast.

Tributosaurus LA becomes The Who, on February 13th at The Derby in Hollywood.  An amazing new group of musicians, plus of course me (Matt), Shana, and get this – Jon Paul, Danny, and the Mayor of Hornville are coming out for the launch…how cool is that?  See the entire roster, get all info, always, at our myspace page below, and please, tell your LA friends and colleagues.

This town needs us.

Tributosaurus LA becomes The Who
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 10:00 PM
The Derby, 4500 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


You can always find more info at

And come be our friend or read a blog or something at

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