Queen (Park West)

Let Me Entertain You
CNev Lead Vox (center)
You’re My Best Friend
CHOIR - CNev Lead Vox – Ingrid 2nd Keys 
Bicycle Race
CHOIR - Frisbie Lead Vox – Bicycle Bells in Choir

Killer Queen 
CHOIR - Blamires Lead Vox – Drum Pad
Death on 2 Legs 
CHOIR - Blamires Lead Vox
Another One Bites the Dust
Frisbie Lead Vox – Drum Pad
CHOIR - 5 Person Dialogue – CNev Lead Vox – Ingrid 2nd Keys
Play the Game 
CHOIR - Blamires Lead Vox
Fat Bottomed Girls 
CHOIR - CNev Lead Vox (center) – Adam Gardner Bass
CHOIR - Cnev Lead Vox – CN/DB/SF/IG Quartet – 2 Ac gtr – Ac Bass
Keep Yourself Alive
Frisbie/CNev Dual Lead (Center)
Somebody to Love
Frisbie Lead Vox
Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon 
CHOIR - CNev Lead Vox
I’m in Love with My Car 
CHOIR - Blamires Lead Vox
Stone Cold Crazy
CNev Lead Vox (center)
Under Pressure
Frisbie/CNev Dual Lead – Drum Pad – Ingrid 2nd Keys
We Will Rock You 
CHOIR - CNev Lead Vox (center) – Drum Pad
We are the Champions 
CHOIR - Frisbie Lead Vox
Bohemian Rhapsody 
CN/DB/SF/IG/CM Quintet Intro - CHOIR - Blamires Lead Vox
God Save the Queen
6 Electric Gtrs – No Vox -- GONG

ENCORE : Take me to the River (AL GREEN)

..> ..>




Well, this is a huge one. The band that defined "BIG SOUND" - from the early days when they were a raw, driving post-punk force, to the huge choral and classical elements that became their trademark later on, Queen was never afraid to experiment with new directions in sound, and nobody did it better. I can honestly say, after seeing how this show is shaping up, this'll be one for the record books.

We've had requests for Queen countless times over the last 6 years, and we've only now figured out how to do it! We'll be joined by over 20 guest vocalists from the Chicago Chamber Choir to help us re-create that HUGE Queen vocal sound. After that, you take the Tributo Core, add in 3 more guitars to handle the Brian May parts, and you have one huge sounding band! Add some incredible vocalists to the mix, and there it is!

Tickets are already close to selling out, so if you plan on coming, you need to purchase right away!

Tributosaurus Becomes QUEEN
Friday, May 16th - 8:30pm
Admission : $25
At Park West - 322 W. Armitage, Chicago

Tickets available online athttp://www.ticketmaster.com
or at the
Park West Box Office

Special Guests for this show include :

David Blamires - vox (Pat Metheny Group)
Steve Frisbie - vox (Frisbie)
Jeff Freling - gtr (The Rock Squad)
Tom McCarthy - gtr (Blue Man Group)
Gary Guzman - gtr (Spank)
Ingrid Graudins - vox (Jonatha Brooke)
Elizabeth Basta - choir director (Jazzmata)
And several of our regular friends join:

You do NOT want to miss this one!


This Month on the Coast :

Tributosaurus LA becomes THE KINKS

Very excited...moving to a great sounding new venue, on a Friday! None of those midweek excuses. You'll have to come up with new excuses. Or you could just come to the show if that's easier for you.

From the origins of punk rock, to the melodic epics of the mid-70's, to the arena rock of the early 80's..all will be represented. Come see which tunes from Wes Anderson movies made the setlist. Also, Bennett does a freakishly accurate Ray Davies face. Kind of disturbing actually...I think he's related to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

Tributosaurus LA becomes The Kinks
Friday, May 23rd
Molly Malones
575 s. Fairfax in LA, 90036
9:30 pm sharp, $8

The lineup:
Matt Spiegel --- vox (Tributosaurus Chicago)
Shana Spiegel -- vox (Tributosaurus Chicago)
Scott Bennett -- drums, gtr, vox (Brian Wilson, The Wondermints)
Scrote -- gtr (Wayne Kramer, No Doubt)
Rob Shrock -- keys, gtr (Burt Bacharach, Sheryl Crow)
Brett Simons -- bass, vox (Fiona Apple, Liz Phair)
Brian Young -- drums (Fountains of Wayne)
Matt Rosenfeld -- gtr (The Hindu Stuntmen)
Probin Gregory -- banjo (Brian Wilson)
Nicky Wonder -- gtr, vox (The Wondermints)


You can always find more info at Tributosaurus.com

And come be our friend or read a blog or something at




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