Led Zeppelin, Vol. II (New Year's Eve)

Tributo becomes Led Zeppelin – Vol II
Dec 30 & 31 2008 at Martyr's

Rock 'n' Roll 
Fdawg Vox, Cnev El Gtr 
Trampled Underfoot
Cnev Vox 
Houses of the Holy 
Dblam Vox 
Southbound Suarez 
Fdawg Vox 
No Quarter
Cnev Vox 
Livin Lovin Maid
Dblam Vox 
Nobody's Fault But Mine

Fdawg Vox 
Bron Y'Aur Stomp
Cnev/FDawg Vox, Ac Gtr 
Four Sticks 
Dblam Vox, Ac Gtr 
Over the Hills and Far Away 
Fdawg Vox, Ac Gtr, 12-Str Ac Gtr, Dblam El Gtr 
Candy Store Rock 
Cnev Vox, Ac Gtr 
The Lemon Song 
Dblam Vox, GONG 
Fdawg Vox 
Dazed and Confused 
Dblam Vox, Cnev Ac Gtr 
The Crunge
Fdawg Vox 
Whole Lotta Love
Dblam Vox, Cnev Theremin 
Ten Years Gone
Cnev Vox, Dblam El Gtr 
Immigrant Song
Fdawg Vox 
Stairway to Heaven
Dblam, Cnev, Fdawg Vox, 2 Ac Gtr
ENCORE = Sun Goddess (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Guests this show :
Steve Frisbie - Vox
David Blamires - Vox
Jeff Freling - Guitar
George Fludas - Drums (Dec 30 Only)
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Saddle up the unicorn and ride out through the forest...

Well, every year we try to kick the new year in the ass - and this year is no exception, as we add a new volume to our Led Zeppelin catalog! That's right - one of the most influential and interesting bands of all time! Sure, we've done a Zeppelin show in the past, and we liked it so much we did it again at the Park West, but there's still SO much great material that we decided to add a second volume! So if you saw one of the earlier Zeppelin shows that we did, get ready for an entirely new set of material - no repeats!

We wanted to make sure we gave everybody enough opportunity to catch these shows, so we have 3 of them - but the 7pm show on the 30th is SOLD OUT already, so you should get your tickets right away for either the 10pm on Tuesday the 30th, or the New Year's Eve show...both are close to selling out as well, so don't wait too much longer!

The NEW YEAR'S EVE extravaganza will include a showing of compilations of rare live Led Zeppelin footage at 9pm, followed by the Tributo set. Complimentary party favors and streamers and the like will be provided by Martyr's too!

We will be joined by Steve Frisbie and David Blamires to help fill out the Plant vocal, and Jeff Freling will join us on guitar - so come on out and rock with us to usher in the new era that 2009 begins!

Tributosaurus becomes LED ZEPPELIN VOL. II
Tuesday, December 30 - 2 SHOWS - 7pm (SOLD OUT) & 10pm
Wednesday, December 31st - NEW YEAR'S EVE - 9pm
at Martyr's - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago, IL 60613

Tickets available at www.martyrslive.com


You can always find more info at Tributosaurus.com

And come be our friend or read a blog or something at

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