Jethro Tull


Locomotive Breath
MSpee lead vox; DBlam Ac Gtr
With You There to Help Me
CNev lead vox, huge flute echo; TomM & Dblam Ac Gtrs
Hymn 43
MSpee lead vox
Nothing Is Easy
DBlam lead vox
Rocks on the Road
CNev lead vox; TomM Ac Gtr
Fylingdale Flyer
3-part harmony vox
DBlam lead vox
Instrumental, 2 flutes
And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
MSpee & DBlam vox; CMo & TomM Ac Gtrs
A New Yesterday
MSpee lead vox; SteveE Blues Harp
Song for Jeffrey
CNev lead vox, SteveE Blues Harp
Thick as a Brick
MSpee lead vox; CMo Ac Gtr
CNev lead vox
Cross Eyed Mary
DBlam lead vox; Dblam Ac Gtr
Living in the Past
CNev lead vox
Skating Away On the Thin Ice of a New Day
MSpee lead vox; Cmo & TomM Ac Gtrs
CNev lead vox; DBlam Ac Gtr
ENCORE MASHUP = Shake It Up (The Cars)/All Shook Up (Elvis Presley)
MSpee, CNev lead vox

Guests this show :
Steve Eisen - Flute/Harp
Ray Quinn - Flute
David Blamires - Vox/Guitar
Tom McCarthy - Guitar

Dag Juhlin - Guitar/Coughing
Fred Simon - Keys
..> ..>

Would Ye Like Some Prog Rock?

Release the Unicorns and put on your leather boots (the ones with the fringe)
.... we're becoming JETHRO TULL!

This prog rock titan has been requested many, many times, and the day has finally come. Most recognized by Ian Anderson's flute, this band incorporated an incredibly wide array of styles to create their unique sound. From the acoustic overtones, to classical cadenzas, to fat crunchy prog-rock, Tull was in a constant state of re-invention. We've put together an amazing set, spanning their epic career.

We'll be joined by such luminaries as Dag Juhlin, Tom McCarthy, David Blamires, and Fred Simon, and the flutes will be played by Steve Eisen and Martyr's own Ray Quinn! And as if that wasn't enough, this gig will serve as an official welcome back to our own Matt Spiegel who has completed his stint in LA, and returns to us a little tanner, a little less likely to answer his cell phone, and just as awesome as you remember him! Come on out and shake the man's hand - show your love!

We know there are some rabid Tull fans out there, and we encourage you to spread the word - you can get to the Facebook event - HERE (7PM) or HERE (10pm) - invite your friends!

Tributosaurus becomes Jethro Tull
Wednesday, June 3rd - 2 SHOWS - 7pm & 10pm
at Martyr's - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago, IL 60613
Tickets available at



As many of you know, we recently launched discussion forums on our website so fans could ask questions, make artist suggestions, and talk about the shows. Unfotunately, due to a technical glitch, the registration emails were not getting out, and consequently no one could actually POST to the forums. Not so useful, huh?

Well, our I.T. staff has been on it, and the problem is finally resolved, so please register and tell us what you're thinking. There are discussion threads for suggesting upcoming artists, and we'll be keeping tabs on it! This is also the best way to ask any questions you may have about a particular show and how it came together, or any other quesion you may have for us. You can access the forums at:

Hope to see you there soon!


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