James Taylor

Tributosaurus becomes JAMES TAYLOR 
December 3, 2008 – Martyr's

Traffic Jam 
Cnev Lead, Fred Simon Organ, BG Vox 
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 
CNev Lead, Sax Solo 
Up on the Roof 
Blamires Lead, Kevin Connelley Drums, Strings, BG Vox 
CMo Lead, CNev Harmonium, Fred Piano, Tom Mendel Bass, Strings 
Walking Man 
CNev Lead, Strings, BG Vox 
CNev Lead, BG Vox 
Anywhere Like Heaven 
Blamires Lead 
You Can Close Your Eyes 
CMo Lead, BG Vox – Acoustic Gtrs Only 
Something in the Way She Moves 
CNev Lead, BG Vox – Acoustic Gtrs Only 
Steamroller Blues 
CNev Lead, Organ/Elec Gtr Duet 
Love Songs 
CNev Lead, Clarinet, Oboe, Kevin Connelley Drums, BG Vox 
Fire and Rain 
Blamires Lead, Fred Piano, Strings 
Carolina on My Mind 
Blamires Lead, CNev Harmonium, Fred Piano, Strings, BG Vox 
Second Star to the Right 
CNev Lead, Sax, BG Vox 
Your Smiling Face 
Tom Mendel Bass, Strings 
Handy Man 
Blamires Lead, Fred Piano, Tom Mendel Bass, BG Vox 
Bartender's Blues 
Cmo Lead, Strings, BG Vox 
Country Road 
CNev Lead, Fred Organ 
Shower the People 
CNev Lead, Fred Rhodes, BG Vox 
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 
Cnev Lead, Sax, Strings

Guests this show : 
David Blamires - Vox
Ingrid Graudins - Vox
Erin Fishler - Vox
Fred Simon - Keys
Chris Siebold - Gtr
Brian Wilkie - Gtr
Tom Mendel - Bass
Kalyan Pathak - Percussion
Doug Brush - Percussion
Kevin Connelley - Drums
Nic Meyer - Sax
Chuck Bontrager - Violin
Regina Leslie - Violin
Jen Lowe - Violin

Erica Lessie - Cello

It's the Tributosaurus Holiday Show!

Just a little early reminder before you take off for the long Thanksgiving weekend...

December is traditionally a time for us to pay homage to an artist that makes you feel happy inside, and this year is no exception, as we become James Taylor. One of the great songsmiths of our time, James has a way of making you feel nostalgic for the Berkshires, even if you've never been there!

His bands are always great, the vocals are always strong, and you know all the tunes. As the weather turns cold, this is one singer/songwriter who really makes you feel the warmth. And everyone has at least one JT tune that they can't help but sing along to, so come on out and share the spirit of the season with all the other Tributo fans!

We'll be joined by a good sized ensemble of some of our very favorite guests to bring you the trademark energy and fun of a live JT show! We are especially thankful every year for all of you who come and support us, so bring your close friends and your family and come enjoy our Christmas gift to you!

And Happy Thanksgiving from Tributosaurus!

Tributosaurus becomes JAMES TAYLOR
Wednesday, December 3rd - 2 Shows - 7pm and 10pm
at Martyr's - 3855 N. Lincoln in Chicago

Tickets available at www.martyrslive.com

Merry Christmas!

You can always find more info at Tributosaurus.com

And come be our friend or read a blog or something at



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