Elvis Presley

Tributosaurus Becomes ELVIS - 6th Anniversary Show
Martyr's – August 5 & 6 – 8pm


That's Alright Mama
Cnev Lead Vox
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Cnev Lead Vox / Robbie Fulks on Wednesday
Mystery Train
Nick Tremulis Lead Vox / Jimmy Sutton Bass
Baby Let's Play House
Cmo Lead Vox / Jimmy Sutton Bass
Good Rockin Tonight
Urban Djin Lead Vox / Jimmy Sutton Bass
All Shook Up
CNev Lead Vox/Jordanaires/Danny Slaps Gtr
Heartbreak Hotel
David Blamires Lead Vox
Good Luck Charm
Urban Djin/Rikky McRae Duet
Blue Suede Shoes
JP Lead Vox/Jimmy Sutton Bass
Hound Dog
Gerald McClendon Lead Vox/Jordanaires/Mouse Brunner Drums
It's Now or Never
Colby Beserra Lead Vox/Jordanaires / Dual Piano CN/AZ
Blue Christmas
Danny Lead Vox
Don't Be Cruel
Gerald McClendon Lead Vox / Al Zorn Piano
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Steve Frisbie Lead Vox/Jordanaires
Joshua Fit the Battle
David Blamires Lead Vox/Jason Dirks Drums
Viva Las Vegas
Cnev/Robbie Fulks Lead Vox / Al Zorn Piano

---15 Minute Break


Bossa Nova Baby – Cnev Lead / AZ Piano&Organ
Clambake – Dblam Lead 
Spinout – Fdawg Lead / AZ Piano / Klem Bass
GI Blues – Cmo Lead
Love Me Tender – Paris Lead
You're the Boss – Cnev/Ingrid Duet / AZ Organ
Do the Clam – Colby Lead
Little Egypt – Cmo Lead
Change of Habit – Cnev Lead&Piano / Klem Bass
Slicin' Sand – Gerald Lead
Kissin Cousins – CNev/CMo Duet / AZ Piano

Jailhouse Rock
Colby Lead Tue/Robbie Wed
Return to Sender
Frisbie Lead Vox / Jordanaires
Teddy Bear
Cmo Lead Vox / Jordanaires / Mouse Drums
intro:Also Sprach...
A Little Less Conversation
CNev Lead / Horns
In the Ghetto
Cnev Lead / Horns / Strings / Klem Bass
Suspicious Minds
Nick T Lead / Horns
American Trilogy
Cnev/CMo Duet / Horns / Strings / AZ Piano
ENCORE : Rich Girl (Hall and Oates)
Cnev Lead Vox / Strings

Nicholas Tremulis - Vox, Gtr
Robbie Fulks - Vox, Gtr
Steve Frisbie - Vox
David Blamires - Vox
Urban Djin - Vox
Colby Beserra - Vox
Gerald McClendon - Vox
Paris Delane - Vox
Ingrid Graudins - Vox
Rikky McRae - Vox
Typhoni Monique - Vox
Kalyan Pathak - Percussion
Jeff Freling - Gtr
Gary Guzman - Gtr
Klem Hayes - Bass
Jimmy Sutton - Doghouse Bass
Al Zorn - Keys
Jason Dirks - Drums
Mouse Brunner - Drums
Mike Cichowicz - Trumpet
Steve Smith - Trumpet, Vox
Mike Levin - Sax
John Janowiak - Trombone 
Chuck Bontrager - Vioiin
Heather Boehm - Violin
Erica Lessie - Cello 

..> ..>

That's right, SIX years of Tributosaurus - where does the time go? So far, we've re-created 62 different artists, and we've done a couple reduxes in there as well - a monumental achievement for any band! As you know, every August we become an artist that we consider a 'Titan' - an artist that has affected music listeners of all stripes (in one way or another) in such a way that they impact the music industry as a whole - the Titans who have come before were : The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, and The Eagles...pretty heavy company - who's it gonna be?

It's finally time for...THE KING



Tuesday, August 5th - 8PM
Wednesday August 6th - 8PM
Tickets available online at www.martyrslive.com

Nicholas Tremulis - Robbie Fulks
Paris Delane - Steve Frisbie
David Blamires - Urban Djin
Colby Beserra - Gerald McClendon
Ingrid Graudins - Rikky McRae
Typhoni Monique - Kalyan Pathak
Jeff Freling - Gary Guzman
Klem Hayes - Jimmy Sutton
Al Zorn - Jason Dirks - Mouse Brunner
The Paleolithic Horns
The Tributosaurus Strings
And other special guests....

We had to split it into 1 show on 2 nights because of the sheer volume of material...these will be longer nights than usual! We'll do 2 sets with a short break on each night.

And we'll be celebrating afterwards too!


That's right - 18 number 1 hits - countless top 40 hits -a career that reached people of all ages, and spanned multiple styles! Elvis brought rock and roll to Hollywood, and introduced the genre to a generation of fans. He brought censorship on TV to the forefront with his appearance on Ed Sullivan. He showed America the ugly side of superstardom and drug abuse. His death has been debated for years. However you remember him, the man is a legend.

Elvis had several distinct periods of musical influence as we see it: The Sun Sessions, The RCA Years, The Movies, The Gospel/Country records, and The Vegas Years. We will touch on them all. And being our Anniversary, you know we'll be in an especialy celebratory mood - so don't miss this one - and bring your friends!

See you there!

You can always find more info at Tributosaurus.com

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