Donald Fagen

Tributosaurus Becomes Donald Fagen
Wed. March 4
th, 2009 – 7pm & 10pm at Martyr's

The Night Belongs to Mona
Horns (Mute Tpt, Flute) / Vibes / Cmo Harmonica
H Gang
Colby Lead Vox / Horns (Mute Tpt, Flute)
Mary Shut the Garden Door
David Lead Vox / Flute / Melodion Solos / Vibes Solo
What I Do
Cmo Harmonica Solo
Florida Room
Horns (Flute)
David Lead Vox, Horns
Colby Lead Vox / Horns (Flugel, Flute)
On the Dunes
Horns (Flugel, Flute)
Green Flower Street
Ruby Baby
Colby Lead Vox, Horns
Horns (Flugel, Flute)
New Frontier
Cmo Harmonica
The Nightfly
The Goodbye Look
David Lead Vox, Ac Gtr, Mat Morse Bass
Walk Between the Raindrops
Mat Morse Keys Bass Dbl
ENCORE - Green River (CCR) 
Cmo Lead Vox, Ac Gtr

Guests this month include:
David Blamires - Vox
Colby Beserra - Vox
Ingrid Graudins - Vox
Erin Fishler - Vox
Paul Mutzabaugh - Keys
Ben Lewis - Keys
Christian Cullen - Keys
Al Zorn - Keys
Kalyan Pathak - Percussion
Jeff Landry - Percussion
Mike Cichowicz - Trumpet
Nic Meyer - Sax
Steve Eisen - Sax/Flute
Ed Enright - Sax
John Janowiak - Trombone 
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They say it can't be done....

March - the Tributosaurus "Harvest Season", so named because February is typically a slow time for musicians, and offers extra time to learn new material, is when we bring our full resources to bear to re-create an artist who's sound is too intricate, difficult, or well-produced for most bands to reproduce live. This time, we've picked an artist who fits all three of these criteria! Past Marches have yielded some of our most legendary shows - Yes, Steely Dan, XTC, 
....and now DONALD FAGEN! 

Any Steely Dan fan knows that Donald was/is their lead singer and principal writer, but his three solo records are another matter altogether! His debut, "The Nightfly", is considered by many to be one of the greatest recordings ever made, and we feel strongly enough about it that we will be performing the ENTIRE ALBUM (a Tributo first!). We STRONGLY recommend that if you do not own this album, you go buy it now - you will not be sorry! (We have provided links to the CDs and MP3s at the bottom of home page) He followed it with "Kamakiriad", and more recently Morph the Cat - both strong albums in their own right, and we will do several from each of these records as well. 

The songs are marked by extremely tight grooves, huge jazz harmonies, thought-provoking lyrics, and beautiful melodies. All this performed by virtuoso musicians and then subjected to some of the most demanding production in history. everything in this music happens by design, and it is that precision that makes it so difficult to produce - but it doesn't scare us! 

So come out and see one that's destined to be a Tributo classic! 

Tributosaurus becomes DONALD FAGEN 
Wednesday, March 4th - 2 Shows - 7pm and 10pm 
at Martyr's - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago, IL 60613 

Tickets available at

Dino Nightfly!



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