Black Sabbath

Tributosaurus becomes BLACK SABBATH
Wednesday, November 3
rd – 2 Shows – at Martyrs'

Black Sabbath
MS Lead / Chime
CN Lead
Killing Yourself To Live
SF Lead
MS Lead / Harmonica
Electric Funeral
CN Lead
CN/SF Lead
Neon Knights
SF Lead
Sweet Leaf
SF Lead
Into The Void
MS Lead
Fairies Wear Boots
CN Lead
Tomorrow's Dream
CN Lead
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
SF Lead / Ac Gtr
The Wizard
MS Lead
SF Lead / Ac Gtr / Perc
War Pigs
CN Lead
Iron Man
MS/CN Lead (Cn Vox Pedal at top)
ENCORE= Bad Boy (Beatles Vol3)
CM Lead

Guests this show :
Steve Frisbie - Vox
Chris Siebold - Gtr

Gary Guzman - Gtr

..> ..>
It's still Halloween this Wednesday...

We are big fans of Halloween - so much so that we are officially extending the holiday through this Wednesday at Martyrs'.

Join us on Wednesday November 3rd as we embrace the deep roots of heavy metal, and become Black Sabbath. Decades before Ozzy was a reality TV joke, he was a complete bad-ass front man, and he and his mates set out to create what they hoped would be rock and roll versions of horror films. They made some of the most purely dark music of all time. This is a band that once rented a castle, just so they could rehearse in the dungeon. Wonderfully ridiculous.

The guitarmada will be in full effect to make evil mirth, and our old pal Steve Frisbie will join us to sing a few; come see if we kick him out for drinking too much like Sabbath did to Ozzy in 1979. We’ll feature many songs from the platinum selling eponymous first record, dive head-long into the coke-binged excess of Masters of Reality, and give you a taste of the Ronny James Dio era as well. Critics hated Sabbath, but the people, they loved them. We bet some of you still do.

Tributosaurus Becomes BLACK SABBATH
at Martyrs' - Wednesday November 3rd - 7PM & 10PM
3855 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
Tickets available at 


We always like to reprise one of our big shows on New Year's Eve, but this year we have something really unique planned. Last year, we had the pleasure of doing a show with the Rolling Stones' legendary sax player Bobby Keys. We all had such a good time that we have since become good friends, and when the New Year's Eve discussion started, we thought it couldn't hurt to ask if he wanted to join us for a night of the Stones - and you know what? He said yes!

So not only will we bring you a killer night of some of the best rock party music of all time, we will do it with one of the Stones! We will, of course, give you the usual mix of hits and deep cuts, span the whole catalog, and bring you the energy the Stones are famous for - we'll ring in 2011 with style. We know that New Year's Eve fill sup fast, so we'll be offering 2 shows on December 30th as well, so everybody can get a chance to see this show - but your tickets now - they're already going fast!

Tributosaurus Becomes THE ROLLING STONES
Featuring Stones' Sax-man BOBBY KEYS!
Thursday, December 30 - 2 Shows - 7 & 10 PM
Friday - New Year's Eve - 1 Show - 10PM
at Martyrs' - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
Tickets available at



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