Al Green

Tributosaurus becomes Al Green 
Martyr’s - Wednesday June 11
th – 7pm & 10pm

Here I Am
CNev Lead Vox – Horns, 2nd Keys
I Can’t Get Next to You
Gerald Lead Vox – Horns, BG Vox
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Gerald Lead Vox - Horns
Tired of Being Alone
Mike Lead Vox – Horns - BG Vox
Right Now, Right Now
Mike Lead Vox - Horns
Curtis Lead Vox – 2nd Keys, Ac Gtr
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Curtis Lead Vox – Strings, Horns, BG Vox
Gerald Lead Vox – Strings,Horns - BG Vox
Love Ritual
Mike Lead Vox – Strings, Horns, 2nd Keys
Unchained Melody
Curtis Lead Vox –Strings, BG Vox, 2nd Keys
Let’s Stay Together
Gerald Lead Vox – Strings, Horns, BG Vox
It Ain’t No Fun To Me
Mike Lead Vox - Horns
Light My Fire
CNev Lead Vox - Horns, 2nd Keys
You Say It
Gerald Lead Vox - BG Vox
Stay With Me (By the Sea) 
Gerald Lead Vox/CNev Lead Vox – Horns, BG Vox, 2nd Keys
Wait Here
Curtis Lead Vox – Horns, 2nd Keys
To Sir With Love
Mike Lead Vox – Horns, BG Vox, 2nd Keys
Love and Happiness
CNev Lead Vox – Horns, BG Vox
ENCORE = One Way Out (Allman Brothers)
Cnev Lead Vox

Guests this month :
Gerald McClendon - Vox
Mike Avery - Vox
Curtis Harman - Vox
Yvonne Gage - Vox
Shawn Christopher - Vox
Keith Henderson - Gtr
Al Zorn - Keys
Kalyan Pathak - Percussion
Larry Beers - Drums
Mike Cichowicz - Trumpet
Steve Smith - Trumpet, Vox
Nic Meyer - Sax
Ed Enright - Sax
John Janowiak - Trombone
Chuck Bontrager - Violin
Benton Wedge - Violin
Regina Leslie - Viola
Erica Lessie - Cello



2 SHOWS - 7pm & 10pm

Al Green

It's time for some summer soul...

Tributosaurus makes a return to R&B with a tribute to one of the masters : Reverend, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, LEGEND - Al Green! Summer's here, so come ready to move with a night full of the hits you love, and the grooves that made him famous. Al's been a mjsical force since he released "Green is Blues" in 1970, but he's more popular than ever right now, with his new album "Lay It Down" debuting in the top 10 for the first time in his career! We'll cover all the great music that got him this far, and you'll get a taste of the new stuff too... We've pulled out all the stops and bring the full Tributo Soul/R&B/Motown band to the stage for this one! Horns, strings, persussion, the mighty B3, and a bunch of great singers - this show has it all! It's time to move your body and loosen up for the summer...we can help!

Don't Miss It!

Tributosaurus Becomes AL GREEN
Wednesday, June 11th - 7pm & 10pm
Admission : $15 each - room will be cleared between shows
At Martyr's - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Tickets available online at

Special Guests for this show include :

Gerald McClendon (Mother Blues)
Mike Avery (Wrecking Crew)
Curtis Harman (Josh Collins)
Yvonne Gage (Smokey Robinson)
Shawn Christopher (Chaka Khan)
Larry Beers (Crash Test Dummies)
Kalyan Pathak (Jazzmata)
Keith Henderson (Anita Baker)
Al Zorn (The Rain Kings)
Mike Cichowicz (Rod Stewart)
Steve Smith (World Class Noise)
Nic Meyer (The Pocket)
John "Showtime" Janowiak (Soulio)
Ed Enright (Professor John)
And the Tributosaurus Strings featuring:

Ben Wedge 
Regina Leslie
Erica Lessie


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