Tributosaurus is the Jurassic beast of multiple musical faces, and every month, the beast morphs into a different rock group. The finest musicians from Chicagoland join the core group to sit in…to sing and play songs they’ve wanted to cover all their lives.


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Tributosaurus has, over the years, faithfully recreated the sounds of countless artists, in painstaking detail, no matter what that entailed. If a recording need horns, or strings, or 4 keyboardists, or mandolin and banjo, or a native american flute ensemble, they made it happen. 

Well, this is a huge one. The band that defined "BIG SOUND" - from the early days when they were a raw, driving post-punk force, to the huge choral and classical elements that became their trademark later on, Queen was never afraid to experiment with new directions in sound, and nobody did it better. We can honestly say, this is one of Tributosaurus' most beloved shows. 

They'll be joined by over 20 guest vocalists from the City Voices to help re-create that HUGE Queen vocal sound. After that, you take the Tributo Core, add in 3 more guitars to handle the Brian May parts, and you have one big sounding band. Add some incredible lead vocalists to the mix, and there it is! 

Tributosaurus will visit all phases of the Queen catalog, and you'll hear the songs you never thought could happen at a live show. All of this will happen in the beautiful Copernicus Center Theater - one of Chicago's premiere live venues. This is an all ages event, so bring the kids - they'll thank you for it. 

Tributosaurus Becomes Queen
at The Copernicus Center - 5416 W. Lawrence, Chicago, IL
January 29, 2016 - 8PM - ALL AGES
TICKETS GO ON SALE 10AM Friday, December 18th
at, and at

St Patrick's Day is on it's way! And you know what that means.... 

Van Morrison St Patrick's Day shows go on sale 
Monday January 25th at noon! 

 St. Patrick's Day Weekend Party! - Van Morrison 

It has become a Tributosaurus tradition on St Patrick's Day to pay tribute to Ireland's favorite son, Van Morrison.  One of the world's finest singer/songwriters, Van is always a ton of fun. We know this one always sells out quickly, so we are giving you a couple chances to catch the show this year!  We will of course be bringing him to you on St Patrick's Day proper, but we will also be doing the show on the following day, Friday, March 18th for all of you who either cannot get tix for the 17th, or have other plans but do not want to miss the performance. 

We will bring you music from many different eras of Van's catalog - from the meandering gritty self explorations to the pop hits,  and even a few traditional Irish songs.  We will be joined by some great guests - Kalyan Pathak, Tom McCarthy, the Paleolithic Horns, and a few other special surprises too.  The St. Patrick's Day show will also feature the Trinity Irish Dancers, and a few extras to add to the St Pat's Day festivities. 


Thursday, March 17th at Wire - 9PM Show - $20 
St Patrick's Day Party! Featuring the Trinity Irish Dancers at 8:00PM 
6815 W. Roosevelt Road - Berwyn, IL 60402 
Tickets available at 

Friday, March 18th at Wire - 9PM Show - $20 
6815 W. Roosevelt Road - Berwyn, IL 60402 
Tickets available at 


In Memoriam: David Bowie Tributes in March 

***Just Added 3rd Show 10pm March 2 at Martyr's!***
March 2 7PM and March 4 9PM Shows are SOLD OUT

R.I.P. David Bowie - one of the great innovators and shape shifters of popular music. We love his music and to honor him, we will be reprising our Bowie shows March 2nd at Martyrs' and March 4th at Wire.​

David Bowie was always a shape shifter; a great innovator and appropriator.  He was the foremost purveyor of Glam, an inventor of Plastic Soul, a dabbler in Electronica, and a Spider from Mars.  Bowie was a ceaseless creator, and a worldwide artistic icon. 

We were long inspired by his songs, incredibly powerful in and of themselves.  These shows will be an eclectic celebration of the man, filled with the sound and vision that’s been a part of your musical world for decades. 

We’ll touch on Ziggy, the Berlin Trilogy, the 80’s superstardom, and some of his all-star collaborations.  You’ll hear the songs you know and love, and you’ll dig a few deep cuts we mix in as well. 

Come join us in an epic celebration of the life of a true cultural giant. 

Tributosaurus Becomes DAVID BOWIE 


Wednesday, March 2nd - at Martyrs' - 10PM - JUST ADDED! 
3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago - 60613   
Tix Available at:

Wednesday, March 2nd - at Martyrs' - 7PM  SOLD OUT
3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago - 60613  
Tix Available at:

Friday, March 3rd - at Wire - 9PM SOLD OUT
6815 W. Roosevelt Road - Berwyn, IL 60402 
Tickets available at 

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