Tributosaurus is the Jurassic beast of multiple musical faces, and every month, the beast morphs into a different rock group. The finest musicians from Chicagoland join the core group to sit in…to sing and play songs they’ve wanted to cover all their lives.


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The Stones Return in September! 

***The Sept 2 show at Martyrs' is SOLD OUT***
There are still some tickets available for the show at Wire on Sept 18
but don't wait too long!  Tix available at:

We became the Rolling Stones for the first time in August of 2004.  August is “Titans of Rock” month, and they were an obvious early pick.  

We became the Stones for a Chicago Bears season kickoff party in 2005.  That night we did the Super Bowl Shuffle, with Kalyan Pathak memorably singing the William “Refrigerator” Perry verse.

We once played “Live With Me” with the Rolling Stones’ bass player, Chicago’s own Daryl Jones.
We had the great fortune to play several gigs with our late friend Bobby Keyes, the original saxophonist on so many big Stones’ songs.  We loved and miss Bobby. 

We became The Stones on New Years’ Eve weekend with him in 2010.  What a party.

That’s just not enough.  The timeless music, and our passion for it, demands that we revisit.  Join us on Wednesday September 2nd at Martyrs, and Friday September 18th at Wire, as Tributosaurus once again becomes The Rolling Stones.
Mick and Keith; arguably as good as a fronting duo has ever been or will ever be. The understated greatness of the rhythm section, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman.  Soulful, perfect keyboards from Nicky Hopkins and others.  Iconic sax parts.  Countless songs that grab you and refuse to let you go.

We’ve done so many Stones tunes through the years that it’s going to be a fun challenge to whittle down the list into one powerful two set night.  We all have our favorites, and we know you do too.

We’ll have all the necessary pieces to do these songs justice, as always.  The one thing we really need is a kick-ass crowd.

Tributosaurus Becomes THE ROLLING STONES

Wednesday, September 3rd - 7pm Show
at Martyrs'  - 
3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago - 60613
***SOLD OUT***

Friday, September 18th - 9PM Show
at Wire -  6815 W. Roosevelt Rd - Berwyn, IL - 60402

Tix Available at:

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