Tributosaurus X #11 : Genesis/Peter Gabriel

Tributosaurus X #11 : Genesis / Peter Gabriel

at Martyrs’ - 6/6/12 - 2 SHOWS


MS Vox (Dodo) / CN Vox (Lurker)

I Know What I Like

MS/CN co-lead  (CN spoken at top)


Dag Vox


MS Vox / Ac Gtr & 12-String

The Rhythm of Heat

CN Vox / CN Aux to Drum Wedge

Red Rain

MS Vox

Games Without Frontiers

MS Vox / CN Aux to Drum Wedge

Throwing It All Away

CN Lead

Carpet Crawlers

MS Lead

No Reply At All

MS Lead / Horns

For Absent Friends

CN Lead

Solisbury Hill

MS Lead / 12-String & Ac Gtr

Here Comes the Flood

CN Lead

Shaking the Tree

CN & Ingrid Lead

Turn It On Again

Dag Lead


CN Lead

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

MS Lead

Dag Juhlin - Vocals, Gtr
Ingrid Graudins - Vocals
Ralph Beerhorst - Keys
Tom McCarthy - Gtr
Kalyan Pathak - Percussion
The Paleolithic Horns

 Tributosaurus X #11 : GENESIS/GABRIEL

Join us at Martyrs’ for a special hybrid Tributosaurus X show, as we become both Genesis and Peter Gabriel. 

When we first became Genesis in 2003, it was our first show that really felt like a rock concert. The music is so intricate, so powerful, and yet delicate as well; it demands and deserves scrutiny. We’ll feature many songs from the full early lineup featuring both Gabriel and Phil Collins, as Genesis created some of the greatest progressive rock in existence. After Gabriel left, Collins moved up front from behind the drum kit. The band slowly evolved into enormous popularity, while the musicianship remained outstanding. We’ll touch on Trick of The Tail, Abacab, and more. 

As for Gabriel’s solo material, well, he’s one of the most respected songwriters and sonic innovators of his era. He of course deserves his own night (done twice by us years ago), but we didn’t want to miss a chance to shoehorn a few tunes in this month. It will predominantly be a Genesis night, but we’ll pick our most beloved Gabriel as well.

Come exult in this amazing material with us, as we re-visit 2 of our favorite shows in 1 unique night. 

Tributosaurus Becomes GENESIS & PETER GABRIEL
Wednesday, June 6 - 2 Shows - 7PM & 10PM
at Martyrs' - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave. - Chicago
Tickets available at

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