Tributosaurus Becomes R.E.M. 


Straight out of Athens Georgia came a shy little rock band with jangling guitars and a mumbling singer.  They rose through college radio, rode an indie music wave straight into the alternative explosion, and carried fame and success as far as they wanted.  Then, they went out on their own terms. 

Join us on Saturday, September 15th when we return to the North Suburbs at 210 Live, as Tributosaurus becomes REM. 

It’s always special to become a band that you cannot see on tour. 
Let’s reconstruct the fables.  Let’s begin the begin.  Let’s exhume McCarthy. Let’s lose our religion, give it away, and talk about the passion. 

We could do an entire night culling tracks from just the first 3 or 4 albums; and we’ll hit them plenty.  But we’ll also take you up through album 8; the near perfect “Automatic For The People.”  18 million record buyers can’t be wrong. 

Make the 80’s and 90’s version of yourself incredibly happy.  Be in the room for these songs again, delivered with the requisite Tributosaurus fervor and attention to detail.  Help us figure out what the hell Michael Stipe was saying on Murmur.  See you there. 

Tributosaurus Becomes R.E.M. 

Saturday, September 15th at 210 Live
210 Green Bay Road, Highwood, Illinois 60040 
Tickets available online at

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