St. Patricks Day Weekend is....U2!

For so many years we have lost track, every St Patrick's Day, we have become Van Morrison...until this year.

We decided it's time to give Ireland's favorite son a breather and instead become Ireland's biggest band - U2!  We doing Friday AND Saturday to plow through this iconic catalog in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, and we hope you will come and join us at Wire.


Raise your hand if you realized they formed in 1976.  1976!  “BOY” came out 4 years later, and “I Will Follow” was eventually played by every high school rock band in America.  It was the 5th album, “THE JOSHUA TREE,” that made them the biggest band in the world in 1987.  The brilliant “ACHTUNG BABY” heralded a much needed reinvention in 1991, and somehow in the 2000’s U2 would still rank in the upper echelons of mainstream pop. 

All along, they have stayed together.  4 guys, who met when a 14 year old drummer put a flyer on his Dublin school’s notice board seeking musicians for a new band.  Their perseverance alone is remarkable. 

Thankfully, so is much of the music.  Can’t wait to see Curt and the guitarmada attack the electronic ingenuity of The Edge.  Maybe our drummer Dan would dye his hair blonde and spike it if we ask nicely.  Jon Paul is going to date all of the supermodels.  And we’ll all channel Bono’s flippant, sociopolitical, eternal cool. 

You know that one anthemic U2 song that perfectly encapsulates a transcendent moment from your adolescence?  God I hope we play that one for you.  There are probably several that come to mind.  We’ve picked the set list with extreme care, hitting multiple eras while making sure to dwell on the best albums. 

Come to Wire and celebrate St Patrick's Day with us.  Toast to, dance with, and listen with U2.

Tributosaurus Becomes U2

St Patrick's Day weekend - March 13th and 14th - 9PM
at Wire - 6815 W. Roosevelt Road, Berwyn, 60402
Tickets available at: