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C-Nev Live with Loren Middleton! 

As the Thursday night run comes to an end (we’re not going away - just moving to Tuesdays through the spring/summer), I thought it would be great to have one of my good friends and compatriots join us - Loren Middleton. Most of you know him as “LoJazz”, and he is not only a regular fixture on the music scene as a player, he is a sophisticated music entrepreneur. Over the years he has been a part of such projects as The Velvet Jimis, Frank Guiness, Bitters, Erfbeats, and many more - but beyond that, LoJazz has established a radio station, a record label, a promotion company, and is responsible for naming the entertainment district now known as The Veltway.  I have been fortunate enough to play, hang, and do business with him often, and I look forward to some more fun this Thursday  - Don’t Miss It!

While we cannot currently all get together and enjoy the music in our usual communal setting, we can get together online and have a little musical fun.  Come and join Chris Neville for some songs and chat this Thursday, and each Thursday while we are waiting for the clubs to re-open, on Facebook Live OR YouTube Live.  You can stream this from your mobile device, your computer, or even your Smart TV should you be so inclined.  There will be special guests every week, so tune in and find out who!  Chris will play a variety of songs - classics, originals, and outliers - something for everyone.  Please take a second to Like and Subscribe on the YouTube channel - it helps a lot. 

Please come and interact - it helps us all to be together, even online.  We hope you can join. 

Chris Neville Live - Weekly

THIS WEEK: Loren Middleton!

NEXT STREAM : Thursday April 29th at 7:30PM

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