Chris Neville Live Streaming Weekly

This week: Jenny Bienemann joins the live stream! 

This Thursday, the uber-talented Jenny Bienemann comes to C-Nev’s Place for a live stream you will not want to miss.  Jenny is a popular Singer, Songwriter, Author, and Influencer who has inspired countless people with her music, and her poetry.  Her Haiku Milieu book and subsequent concert series has spawned some truly astonishing work from many songwriters, including myself, and she continues to be an inspiring presence for everyone she works with.  Jenny is also one of the original members of the Zimmermen, and she always has interesting projects the works.  We will discuss these, and life, and whatever else comes to mind this week — don’t miss it!

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Chris Neville Live - Weekly

Jenny Bienemann

Thursday August 6th at 7:30PM

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