Tributosaurus X #9 : Billy Joel

Tributosaurus X #9 : BILLY JOEL

Wednesday, April 4th at Martyrs’ - 2 Shows

Piano Man

MSpee Lead, Accordion, Harmonica, Siebs Ac Gtr, CMo Mandolin

Big Shot

CNev Lead, 2 Saxes

Don’t Ask Me Why

CNev Lead, Siebs Ac Gtr, CMo Ac Gtr

The Stranger

MSpee Lead, Tom Mendel Bass, DBlam Ac Gtr (CMo DI)

Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)

DBlam Lead, 3 saxes

New York State of Mind

CNev Lead, Strings

Scandinavian Skies

CMo Lead, Strings, All Keys


MSpee Lead, Siebs Ac Gtr

The Entertainer

CNev Lead, CNev Ac Gtr, CMo Banjo

BOLLY JOEL - You May Be Right

Kalyan Lead, Sax, Harmonica

You May Be Right

MSpee Lead, Sax, Harmonica

It’s Still Rock ‘n’ Roll to Me

JP Lead, Tom Mendel Bass


DBlam Lead, Strings, Tom Mendel Bass


MSpee Lead


CNev Lead, Accordion, CMo Ac Gtr

Only the Good Die Young

DBlam Lead, Horns, Cmo & Siebs Ac Gtrs

Goodnight Saigon

Cmo Lead, CMo Ac Gtr, Strings

Just the Way You Are

MSpee Lead, Sax, Strings, Cmo & Siebs Ac Gtrs

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

CNev Lead, Strings, Horns, Siebs Ac Gtr

My Life

CNev Lead, Cmo & Siebs Ac Gtrs

David Blamires - Vocals, Gtr
Chris Siebold - Gtrs
Ralph Beerhorst - Keys
Christian Cullen - Keys
Scott Stevenson - Keys/Accordion
Ingrid Graudins - Vocals
Steve Smith - Vocals
Kalyan Pathak - Percussion/Drums
Mike Cichowicz  Trumpet
Chuck Parrish - Trumpet
John Janowiak - Trombone
Nic Meyer - Saxes/Flutes/Whistling
Ed Enright - Saxes
Ken Partyka - Saxes
Ryan Miller - Trombone/Tuba
Chuck Bontrager - Violin
Jen Lowe - Violin
Hether Boehm - Viola
Erica Lessie - Cello

 This Wednesday - Tributosaurus X #9: BILLY JOEL

***UPDATE*** The 7PM Martyrs’ show is SOLD OUT, but there are still tickets available for the 10pm show - get yours while you can!

Billy Joel brings the very large band back to the Tributosaurus X Project in April. We'll be joined by strings, horns, woodwinds, percussion -- not to mention 4 keyboardists -- in order to re-create the incredibly diverse array of ensembles Billy has worked with over the years. Great melodies, virtuoso performances, intricate arrangements...all trademarks of Billy Joel's sound. You've sung along to a lot more of these tunes than you think. Billy's style has changed many times over that last 40 years, and though there are many different styles represented in his material, his catalog from 1971-1982 is one of the strongest runs in rock and roll. This portion of his career will be strongly represented at the show, along with some tastefully chosen morsels from other eras. This is one of the most highly produced shows we've ever done, so don't miss it!

Tributosaurus becomes BILLY JOEL

Wednesday, April 4th

2 Shows -- 7pm (SOLD OUT) & 10pm -- $20 admission

Martyr's, 3855 N. Lincoln Ave, 773-404-9494

But Tickets ONLINE

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