Stevie Ray Vaughan

Tributosaurus Becomes STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN
at Martyrs' - 1 Show - 8pm - Feb 6, 2012

Love Struck Baby

MSpee Vox; Cmo & MikeA

Cold Shot

MSpee Vox

Honey Bee

CNev Vox; MikeA

The Things (That) I Used To Do

MikeA Vox; MikeA Gtr


MSpee Vox; Cmo Piano; MikeA Gtr

Rude Mood / Hideaway

Dirty Pool

MSpee Vox

Little Wing

Telephone Song

CNev Vox

set break


Stang’s Swang

Pride and Joy

CNev Vox

Couldn’t Stand the Weather

MSpee Vox; Cmo & MikeA Gtrs

The Sky is Crying

CNev Vox; Nick Peraino Gtr


Long Way From Home

MikeA Vox, Gtr

Texas Flood

MSpee Vox


CNev Vox: Cmo & MikeA Gtr

Mary Had a Little Lamb

MSpee Vox; All Gtrs

Tributosaurus has explored the farther reaches of Rock n Roll these last 11 years, and it has taken us on a journey through funk, country, jazz, even disco - and while the undercurrent of much of the music we have performed is rooted in it, we have yet to go directly to the Blues.
  It’s time.  We’re going to take things down to Texas, and pay tribute to a talent taken too soon - Stevie Ray Vaughan.

He was a great songwriter, player, and singer - blues fans may want Albert King, Muddy Waters, or Otis Rush - and they are all in SRV’s music.  The screaming guitar tone will be brought to life by our own Curt Morrison, but we’ll have a couple specially picked guests to round out the night - and we feel like this show needs to be untethered - there will be jamming.  In that spirit, we’re only doing one show on Wednesday February 6 - but it’ll be a nice long one.

Come on out and see us play some blues!

Tributosaurus Becomes STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN
Wednesday, February 6 - ONE SHOW ONLY - 7PM
at Martyrs' - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago
Tickets Available a

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