We return to Martyrs' with George Harrison!

There are perhaps a few of you, just a few, who saw us at Martyrs in 2002. 

60 people came to see us that August when we did our first show ever, as The Who.  A few more came for Sly & The Family Stone in September, a few more still for CSNY in October. 

Then in November we did the rare, never to be repeated, double artist show.  John Lennon AND George Harrison.  This, frankly, was a terrible idea.  Too much legendary music from each Beatle to cram into one show!  John Lennon got his appropriate solo treatment in 2007.  Now, finally, 19 years after the indecency of getting half a concert, it’s time to do right by George. 

Please join us on Wednesday October 6th at Martyrs, when Tributosaurus becomes George Harrison. 

His developing songwriting was frankly hindered by the presence of Lennon and McCartney in the very same band.  Huh, no wonder that band was so successful.  George got one or two tracks per album, all the way through the breakup, and then exploded into his solo career with the epic brilliance of All Things Must Pass.  It is 51 years since that masterwork was released, and we will lean heavily upon its 28 tracks in composing our set list. 

But we won’t limit the night to just that record.  There were solo albums all through the 70’s with radio hits that endure, and in 1987 he and Jeff Lynne co-produced Cloud Nine, which beget a few more hits. 

“Give me love, give me love, give me…peace on Earth.”  We’re trying George…the best of us are still trying.  In the meantime, there’s music. 

Come feel the music with us.

Tributosaurus Becomes George Harrison
Wednesday, October 6th at 7PM
at Martyrs' - 6815 W. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Tickets available at Martyrslive.com