Stones at Copernicus Center Fest!

Tributosaurus Returns to Live performance - and what better way than to pay tribute to The Rolling Stones!

We don’t need to offer you biographical or historical context here; THEY’RE THE ROLLING STONES. What you need to know is we’ll have a killer horn section to handle, among other things, some Exile On Main Street staples.  You need to know we’ll delve back to the beginnings of their recordings, and make it through and past some disco era dance killers, and everything in-between.  

You need to know that like many of you, we have this music traveling through our veins.  And maybe you’ve noticed this; when we really, deeply know the material…..the satisfaction of the experience reachers higher levels. 

It will be a thrill to channel The Rolling Stones, both spiritually and sonically.  Come celebrate the return of live concerts with us, and them. 

Tributosaurus Becomes THE ROLLING STONES

August 14th on the Copernicus Center Outdoor Festival Stage - 8PM
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