Matt Spiegel Misses You!

All of Tributosaurus misses you! If you’re looking for Matt, he misses you like crazy. He can be found on Twitter, @mattspiegel670 ( , and via his website, 
He’s always making baseball content, the latest of which is a collaboration with White Sox broadcaster Jason Benetti, in which they compare ballplayers to musicians, painters, and much more. That’s GOOD COMP, BAD COMP, found here. (

Matt has a band with Len Kasper, a great bass player who dabbles in Cubs play by play, called Sonic45 ( . It features Tributosaurus veterans you know and love: Dag Juhlin on guitar, Gerald Dowd on drums, and Liam Davis as producer and guitar. These are Len’s songs and vision, joyously brought to life by Chicago rock veterans. The full album is on the way, but in the meantime, check out Sonic45’s debut song and video, “Pills,” right here. (