Chris Neville Live Streaming Weekly

C-Nev is Live! 

Well, the last few weeks have seen a lot of things happening, some good, some not, but it has forced me to take a couple Thursdays off in past month, and I am looking forward to going solo this week to get back in touch with all of you.  That’s right, I am forgoing a guest this show to focus on catching up for the time we missed.  Now I know there’s a Presidential debate on the calendar too, but I encourage you to come to C-Nev’s Place and get a good dose of positivity before you get your blood pressure up - and if the last one is any indication, you’re bette off waiting for the highlight reel anyway.   I have a bunch of songs I want to do, and several requests to fulfill, and some stories to tell - it’s going to be a lot of fun!  And really, I won’t be completely alone, as my daughters Rowan and Guinnevere will be returning to the stream this week too — Don’t Miss It!

Chris Neville Live - Weekly

Guest free…except for the Neville children, that is. 

NEXT STREAM : Thursday October 22 at 7:30PM


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