Chris Neville & Friends Concert Series Every Thursday in Evanston

Chris Neville & Friends 
Thursday Night Concert Series 
in Evanston Starts May 6 

This year has brought a lot of changes, and while many were hard, some were pretty good.  One of the better ones has been the Thursday night streams I have been doing.  They have allowed for some musical joy to be shared, and a chance to play with many different musical friends, in many styles.  Well, now that things are starting to get back to normal, I think we should keep it going, but in a live context, don't you?  So starting on Thursday May 6, and running all the way through the summer, I will be hosting the Chris Neville & Friends Concert Series at the Post42 Patio on the Canal Shores Golf Course in Evanston, IL.  Every Thursday, I will play from 7-10pm with one of 4 groups, some new, some old, that each offer something different and you can come and join us on their spacious outdoor patio (and there is an indoor space in case of rain, with seating is more limited and will be pre-sold for each show).  Consider it an appetizer as Tributosaurus starts to get underway a little later in the season. 

So who is a part of it?  Feast your eyes:

These shows are going to be really fun, from the classic rock of Axes to the deep blend of styles of Chris(2); from the quirky and unpredictable Courtesy Patrol to the funk jamming of Meadowlark, there's something every Thursday to satisfy your musical cravings, so get your tickets today! 

Chris Neville & Friends Thursday Night Concert Series 
at the Post 42 Patio in Evanston - 7PM EVERY Thursday 
***Starting MAY 6*** 

For details, and to buy tickets, visit: