C-Nev LIVE every week with special guests!

C-Nev’s Place returns this week with Terry White LIVE IN STUDIO! 

Well, the studio remodel is in full swing, and while that held us back last week, this week we are back in action.  And who better to get into…

Matt Spiegel Misses You!

All of Tributosaurus misses you! If you’re looking for Matt, he misses you like crazy. 

Matt has new ventures, all of which can be found on his website, www.mattspiegel.com.  On Twitter, he’s @mattspiegel670 (https://mobile.twitter.com/mattspiegel670) 

·He’s got a new Chicago baseball


Our COVID-19 Parody Song

Sing along as we share our feelings about the COVID-19 virus!

We could not stay silent forever about the crisis gripping humanity, and so we make our feelings known, in the best way we know how.

We'll see you


Online Instruction from Tributosaurus

While we are all sheltering in place, why not take the opportunity to learn to play some music?  And if you are already a player, you can hone your skills, up your sound design game, or even just learn that…