Tributosaurus is the Jurassic beast of multiple musical faces, and every month, the beast morphs into a different rock group. The finest musicians from Chicagoland join the core group to sit in…to sing and play songs they’ve wanted to cover all their lives.

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Every once in a while, the inner hippie yearns to break free.  In the middle of this Chicago summer, let’s channel the ghost of Bill Walton and re-convene with The Dead.

Join us for a two night stand as Tributosaurus becomes The Grateful Dead, Thursday July 25 and Friday 26th at Martytrs.

If you’ve missed previous incarnations, these Dead shows are a unique Tributosaurus experience.  We’ll re-create a few studio versions that merit our standard meticulous treatment, but the nights will freely stray into the improvisational territory this oeuvre demands.  You’ll hear and see 2 drum kits, world beat percussion, many guitars, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, saxophone, and more.  Both shows will be filled with The Dead’s unique brand of street party psychedelia; with disparate jams, twists, turns, and special guests.

The nights will feature some set list and personnel variety, so come to one or both. Consider it a chance for your soul to dance, as we playfully emulate the legendary live experience Bob and Jerry and Phil invented.

Come hear tunes you love, feel the grooves, and get spacey.

Tributosaurus Becomes THE GRATEFUL DEAD
at Martyrs' - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago - 2 SHOWS

Thursday, July 25th - 7PM
Friday, July 26th - 8PM

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