Tributosaurus is the Jurassic beast of multiple musical faces, and every month, the beast morphs into a different rock group. The finest musicians from Chicagoland join the core group to sit in…to sing and play songs they’ve wanted to cover all their lives.

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Bob Dylan in August - and Chris' birthday! 

August is traditionally out "Titan" month - when we choose an artist whose influence extends deep into the rock and roll zeitgeist.  This year, we bring back one of the biggest - Bob Dylan.  He influences generations of songwriters, and he wrote some of the greatest songs of all time.

And hey - the Friday show is Neville's birthday, so that is a party too good to miss!

You’ll hear the earnest, iconic Dylan from 1963; the musical harbinger of social change. 
We’ll give you the radically electric Dylan of 1965, who plugged in, angered his fans, and transformed popular music.  Others you’ll hear: Christian Gospel Bob from the late 70’s, Bob produced by Mark Knopfler from the early 80’s, and Grammy winning comeback Bob from the late 90’s. 

There are just so many good, important Bob Dylans. 

Come be with us as we celebrate the man and his songs in August. 


Wednesday, August 8 at Martyrs' - 7PM Show
3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago - 60613 
Tix Available at:

Friday, August 10 - 9PM Show - Chris' Bday!
6815 W. Roosevelt Rd - Berwyn, IL - 60402 
Tix Available at:

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